One of the best ways to relax is to become aware of small tensions and releasing them completely. Learning to release small tensions is harder, in my experience, than releasing large tensions. The trick is to make sure you are releasing the smallest noticeable tensions completely.


Can we please take our seats and get this presentation underway. Thank you.

Unfortunately the projection equipment broke yesterday during our annual priority setting meeting. The priority setting meeting has been postponed indefinitely. But rather than wait for the audio-visual equipment to be repaired, I agreed to go ahead with this presentation. Please use your imaginations to create your own pictures to go with the slides that follow.

Would somebody be so kind as to turn out the lights. Thanks.

Slide 1:
This is a picture of my old car. It is quite rusty, as you can see.

Slide 2:
This is my brand new car. Apart from the hood and the tailgate, which are made of metal, it will never rust because the body is made of plastic.

Slide 3:
Here you see my new plastic car parked in the parking lot, next to a wall and under that tree. I like to keep it in the shade in the summer, otherwise the black interior gets very hot. Here comes the Zen Parking Lot Attendant.

Slide 4:
I am greeting the Zen Parking Lot Attendant and showing him my new car made of plastic. I say “…and it won’t rust.”

Slide 5:
This slide shows one word floating from the Zen Parking Lot Attendant to me. “Patience.”

Slide 6:
In conclusion, this is a picture of my car now, many years after the picture in slide 4 was taken. As you can see, the tailgate is quite rusty around the trim. Zen Parking Lot Attendant is waiting.


Tai Chi Statistics

In a moment of Tai Chi mind, seeking the truth about the “truth, a statistician reflected on the very common practice of using statistics to “prove” something is true.  This is the metaphor:

     Let hammer = statistics

     Let marble = data

     Let marble sculpture = truth


“You can pound a piece of plastic from now until infinity, but it will never become a marble sculpture.”